What Is A Personal VPN Used For and Do You Need One?

You may not realize it, but when you log on to any website, all of your activity is being tracked by a number of different parties. Email companies, search engines, websites, and even governmental agencies are all tracking what you are doing, where you are logging in from, and the path you are taking throughout the Internet. This is primarily possible because of your IP address, which is a physical representation of where you are located. With a personal VPN, you will no longer be easily tracked or marketed to as a VPN effectively hides your actual IP and serves up another instead. [Read more…]

IPVanish Review – Does It Protect Your Online Identity?

It’s no secret any longer – the United States government (and countless numbers of commercial enterprises) are watching your every move online.

They’ve been able to compile a ridiculous amount of data about each and every one of us, and it’s because the tools and technologies we’ve been using to “hide our tracks”, so to speak, have been less than perfect. Most of the anonymous web browsing tools out there aren’t able to live up to any of their expectations, and the overwhelming majority of “privacy solutions” online just can’t deliver anywhere near the level of hype. [Read more…]