What Is A Personal VPN Used For and Do You Need One?

You may not realize it, but when you log on to any website, all of your activity is being tracked by a number of different parties. Email companies, search engines, websites, and even governmental agencies are all tracking what you are doing, where you are logging in from, and the path you are taking throughout the Internet. This is primarily possible because of your IP address, which is a physical representation of where you are located. With a personal VPN, you will no longer be easily tracked or marketed to as a VPN effectively hides your actual IP and serves up another instead. [Read more…]

Securing Virtual Private Network Services at Affordable Prices

Finding different ways to save money in today’s economy does not have to be a difficult task but it can require some research. For those who are looking to find an affordable rate for Virtual Private Network (VPN) services, there are some great deals out there. Whether the network is for personal use or for a business, always identify what is needed in a services provider and how much you can afford to pay. This information should be noted down before research starts on finding a cheap VPN service. [Read more…]

VPN Routers: Staying Protected While Online

It’s hard to get around on the Internet safely today. Sure, we all, by this point, know what not to search for and what websites not to visit. It’s a little harder, however, to ensure that all the information you want to ensure remains private actually does remain private. It’s more than just keeping sensitive information off your Facebook and Google+ profiles – far more. You see, every time you open up a web browser, you send detailed information about your computer, who and where you are, and what your surfing habits are to anyone who’s listening.  No, they aren’t actually using their ears but tapping onto the data stream that is being transmitted/received from your internet connection. [Read more…]

Everything You Need To Know About A VPN Server

Asking yourself “what is a VPN server?” is a worthwhile question to ask. Although there is nothing about a Virtual Private Network that cannot be found in other methods of achieving network connectivity, there are certain unique benefits to having a VPN server that makes it an ideal choice for many individuals. [Read more…]