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On November 24, 2013
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Golden Frog launched the VyprVPN personal VPN service in 2009 to protect online privacy, prevent monitoring of online activity and unblock blocked websites. Their apps for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS enable users to connect to the VPN provider effortlessly and quickly with a single click. Unlike other VPNs, they do not impose restrictions or download caps on the connection and allow quick switching between different server locations around the world.

There was a time when virtual private networks were extremely expensive to gain access to, and they certainly were not available to average, everyday people who wanted to protect their identity. But, in part due to the recent revelations about government monitoring of Internet connections, more and more people are turning to VPN connections as a way to protect your identity and their anonymity. When you read this comprehensive VyprVPN review, you will see whether this is the right VPN provider for you.
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What Is VyprVPN?

This is much more than just a firewall, since it protects your identity at all times, replacing your existing IP address with one that has no connection to your physical location. What this means is that you can work online anywhere in the world, without others knowing where you are physically located. Your IP address will reflect the VyprVPN server and not your location, which can be important for a number of different reasons.

One unique aspect of this company is that it guarantees that it will provide you with the fastest and most reliable encrypted Internet connection available today, and it is also worth noting that they do not utilize third-party services. This means that all of your data is kept on their servers alone.

How Does This System Work?

vyprvpnWhen you sign on by using VyprVPN, your privacy and speed will be maintained, but perhaps more importantly no third parties will gain access to your activities. Governments and employers will not be able to monitor or control your online activities, yet you will still have a fully secure tunnel to the Internet without any unnecessary blocks or censorship.

For those who do sensitive work online, having access to a VPN is absolutely essential, especially when working on an unsecured network such as one found in a coffee shop or airport. By simply signing onto the Internet by utilizing VyprVPN, all of your information will be secure, including your emails, instant messaging, and of course the data on your computer.

Among the many features that this company offers is the obvious benefit of unlimited speed and usage, without any restrictions or downloading limits. You can also move to another server location at no additional charge, which you may not find with other companies. Being able to move to a new server location has a number of benefits for small business owners.

What About Storage?

When it comes to storage, you will receive 5 GB of online storage absolutely free. This storage is provided through their “Dump Truck” service, where you can store securely all of your photos, documents, files, and more. You will then have access to them from anywhere in the world, and obviously they will be kept secure and private at all times.

Should You Be Concerned About VPN Logging?

For those are interested in keeping their information and online communications private as it should be, there is obviously concern over logs kept by the VPN company.  Frankly, many if not all, VPN companies perform some logging whether they admit it or not.  In fact, it would be far better for someone using a VPN service to know what is actually being logged rather than be lied to by claims of no-logging.

According to their Privacy Policy, they maintain only minimal data for billing, troubleshooting, and terms enforcement.  This information is normally kept for at least 90 days but number of bytes downloaded/uploaded may be kept for longer at an aggregate level.

VyprVPN privacy policy

So, what information is NOT collected during session connections?

VyprVPN privacy policy 2

So it is clear that they do not “inspect” what you are actually doing online during your session.    This means that your privacy is maintained throughout.  As long as there is no illegal activity being performed with the service, there is no risk of anyone knowing what you are doing online at any time.  Even if law enforcement wanted information on a user, a subpoena has to be issued before they can access any information on session connections.  As with any VPN provider, they strongly advise against using the service for any illegal activity.  This is so the VPN service integrity is maintained for all the users on their network – that means you included.

In conclusion, the minimal logging they do simply keeps the service from degrading and compromised by abusers.  Therefore, if someone intends to abuse the service or perform any illegal activity on this service, it is definitely not for them.  On the other hand, however, most people are not planning to do such things and as such would appear to benefit from this VPN provider.

What Do The Reviews Really Say About VyprVPN?

When you read just about any VyprVPN review, one thing that you will notice is that this leading VPN provider is ideal for people who travel a lot and don’t want to rely on public Wi-Fi networks for their Internet connectivity.

“VyprVPN is ultra fast…When I just use there windows 7 software I nearly max my internet connection which is around 17Mbit which is great” — Dazz, forums.whirlpool.net.au

“I like/use VyprVPN (Golden Frog) it doesn’t slow my connection down too much and I can run my iPhone through it. I’ve had for about 2 years now I’d guess and they just keep adding servers.” — GermanyChris, macrumors.com

A lot of people turn to VPN systems after they have been hacked or had their identity stolen. This is the ideal way to protect your identity, your online interactions, and all of the data on your computer.

“Their VPN Service is excellent, easy to use and very reliable. Great to protect my online privacy… no disconnections. The speed has always been very good within own country selection like US.”  — boris, dslreports.com

Where Can You Sign Up For VyprVPN?

When you go to the official website, you will see that you can sign up right away by choosing one of three different plans. The basic plan is available for just six dollars and $6.67 a month and comes with a 7-day money back guarantee. The VyprVPN Pro plan is a mere 33 cents a day and allows you to have to several connections, unlimited data usage, and NAT firewall. The premier plan is available for $10 a month when billed annually, and allows three connections, unlimited data usage, and the NAT firewall.

Is This the Right VPN System For You?

It is important to shop around when you are looking at VPN systems, since they all offer different services, number of connections, performance, and levels of protection. Whether you are someone who is constantly on the road and using unknown networks, or you are simply concerned about protecting your actions, or identity online at home, VyprVPN may be the right choice for you.

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